small groups of people who meet regularly in order to study the Bible, connect with others, and challenge each other to be more like Jesus. LifeGroups meet in homes or local businesses, public libraries, or wherever there’s room! They’re the best place to meet new people and create lasting relationships.  Most importantly, we “do life” together.



As fully devoted followers of Christ, missions is just something we do, it is who we are … it is a lifestyle. We want to build relationships by impacting people, serve others by committing our time, and lives by showing God’s love. Each H20 location offers local mission options while H20 “as a whole” offers corporate options.


We grab children’s attention so that Jesus can grab their hearts by using interactive video teaching, curriculum developed specifically with your kids in mind, exciting environments, personal relationships with volunteers and other children their age, and so much more.


No longer satisfied with boring youth meetings, we think there has to be something more out there! We want you to know that we understand – you want life on the edge! An atmosphere of fun mixed with passion for Jesus is created for our youth. We want our youth to experience personal transformation to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and have their hearts enlarged to include missions and peer evangelism.

Sips Coffee



A place to sip your favorite flavor of coffee & chat with friends and pre-friends. 

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